2017-2018 Available Grapevines

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10 - 50 vines

60 - 500 vines

500+ vines









Vidal Blanc








Vines are own-root stock. Grapevines are shipped in bundles of 10 vines.

Product Descriptions

Chambourcin This red, French hybrid has medium-sized blue berries which make an excellent, high quality red wine. The vine is of medium vigor, requiring a long growing season.

Norton/Cynthiana A very highly sought after red wine grape. Very winter hardy and disease resistant. Purple skin with green flesh grape. Ripens very late.

Vidal Blanc -A white hybrid. Very vigorous and productive. Cold hardy and resistant to mildews. Very high quality wine.

Vignoles - A white hybrid. Very susceptible to Botrytis, but an excellent wine. Good cold hardiness and late to break bud with medium production.

As both a wholesale and contract nursery, we will be happy to custom grow for our customers who prefer to develop their planting plans well in advance. This guarantees the varieties of choice are available in the required quantities at a contract price. We can use your propagation material or we can help you obtain the varieties you are looking for from one of our trusted sources. Call our office for details.

Orders may be placed by contacting our office.


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